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Jo and Ernie were married on Wednesday 24th July, and we were all in Scotland on Monday 29th. We had scored 403 for the loss of four wickets in Devon the previous weekend (Erratics write-up). On the Tuesday, after Bryan and Windy's Healey-twin confusion, we faced Kinross for the first time. On a damp evening, Chris Healey's batting and Ollie's bowling were enough to secure an unmemorable victory by 23 runs. For a change, the Clackmannan game was not a nail-bitingly exciting win for the Mystics. Instead we surrendered easily. Worse was to come. This was the night of the Dave Wilson joke extravaganza. If you were there, you will need no reminding of that evening. If you were not there, just count your blessings.

At Dunfermline, we met Corey Harding. Before he started to bowl properly, we were 145 for two, and making a good fist of chasing 223. When he took pity on us and took himself out of the attack, we were 154 for seven. Ollie and Bryan's bizarre eighth wicket partnership secured a draw. We beat Breadalbane on the Saturday after Chris Healey held the lower order batting together (again). And then there was the Almond Valley tournament.

The 1996 Tour Party Pictured are (back, L to R) Kevin Crawford, Jean Neilson, Rita Thomson, Kevin Barron, Sid Thomson, Bryan Wendon, Windy Miller, Mrs and Mr Sharland, Donna West, Jim Thomson, Oliver Gardiner, Duncan Chave, (centre L to R) Talia Borley, Adrian Borley, Naomi Sheffer, (front L to R) Nick Healey, Annie Thomson, Fred Dudbridge, Kate Thomson, Peter Thomson and Chris Healey.

Adrian (and Noel Coward) wrote a song about the tour called The Cricketing News. Kev, after his heroics with the 2.17 Supa Ginga, was chosen as player of the tour. I cannot remember, but surely Jo was spectator of the tour.

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