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Victory in the Chairman's Cup Saturday 25th July 1998 was an eventful day. Fraser Chave was born, Gras Lawn saw its last ever game and we went ahead in the Chairman's Cup series. Among those pictured here are (L to R) Derek Matravers, Brian Carpenter, Richard Hitchcock, Bill Parker, Stephen Fisher, Grace Hitchcock, Matthew Cook, Dennis Lane, Peter Thomson, Clem Hitchcock, John Pearson, Neil Hadley, Al Brunt, Guy Clarke, Martin Weiler, Jim Thomson, Martin Sharland, Sid Thomson, John Somers, Naomi Thomson, Fred Dudbridge, Dan Shepherd, Bryan Wendon, Nick Discombe, Andy Wendon, David Salter and Chris Squire.

The next day we lost to Contango by a country mile, and the day after that, we went to Scotland. The trip up was not without incident, as anyone who witnessed the joy-riding OAPs in the service station car park will attest. A good all-round bowling performance and Windy's 59 allowed us to turn the tables on Falkland. We arrived at Clackmannan the next day to see a host of earnest locals out on the outfield with mops, buckets, blankets and anything else they could find that was absorbent. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to stage a 35 over game on the artificial wicket. The down sides were that they had to bring the boundary in and that, not content with having just their current pro (Ashok Malhotra), they had drafted in Harry Sodhi, their previous one. We did well, I suppose, only to lose by 24 runs. While Sid and Windy's excellent second wicket partnership continued, it even looked as if we might be in with a chance of winning .

Largo, our Thursday opponents, had a press call before the game. A new artificial pitch, new sightscreens and a new scoreboard had been bought with a lottery grant, and publicity was required. Who better, then, than the Mystics to provide the necessary gravitas. And thank God for the artificial wicket. Without it, we would never have had a game. Windy, Chris Healey and Adi carried our innings, and 166 seemed a good total in a thirty over match, with the outfield wet and boundaries hard to come by. Their innings proceeded in fits and starts, until, with one wicket remaining, they needed five from the last over. Their semi-pro from South Africa was facing Ollie. What looked like a certain four was stopped miraculously on the boundary by Dan, and the last man in was left to score four from the last three balls of the over. This he did with a beautiful cover drive. Still, we won the drinking. We also managed to beat Breadalbane on the last day of the tour.

Peter Thomson was player of the tour, and his sister Jean was supporter of the tour.

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