One Hundred Years of Friendly Cricket

Mystics versus Erratics at Dunsford, 1st August 2009

This, in case you haven't been here for a while or just haven't been paying attention (like Windy), is my first match report. Also it is a simple matter of 100 years (25 to the Mystics and 75 for the Erratics) of friendly cricket, so not just my first but probably my most important match report. It also saw the return of Clem, which was a delight to some, or just surprise and shock to others. Grounds keeper Gary didn't want us to play at all, but luckily Ernie saved the day with a phone, no one knows what he did but whatever it was it got us playing.

Captain Thomson snr won the toss and chose to bat so Ferro and Carpenter came marching out to the square and got ready to face Sam's first over. They got off to a slow start, mainly due to tight bowling. The first wicket fell, Carpenter stumped by Sid off Windy's bowling. Matt came in and got 47 very quickly including two of Jim's overs going for 40 runs, but Cliff still holds the record. Jim could have got Matt early but Pete and Sam both dropped him. After Matt smashed the Squires' left rear light at Pencarrow it was soon clear that he wanted the other one. But Jim did have some luck Ferro danced down the wicket, missed and the other Thomson whipped off the bails. Jim decided to bring on the openers to bring down the Cook, it certainly worked Pete's first over got Matt run out first ball. That over also saw the end of Mileham and Weiler which got him on to a hat trick for his next over ... the next over was a maiden. There were no wickets after that and the end of the innings came soon after with the score at 154 for 6 maybe a few less than what they would have wanted but still defendable.

Then we had tea ... After tea Windy and super Ern took to the square to get us off to a good start ... They failed, Windy was caught in the third over leaving my dad to come in and create a right of Windy's wrong ... this succeeded. When he was finally out the score was at 93 for 2. Then it was the turn of Clem, probably his first innings for about three years (wonder how much that will cost him in fine money). After that the wickets began to drop like flies as Jimmy Ton sprays Haze at them. Clem went for 6 and Sam was caught luckily for him not by Matt for 9. Then in came Chris Squire who whacked a four off Ferro, he was so excited he was out next ball. In came Sid with the score at 10 to win. Sid finished off the over with a dot. In the next over Ernie hit a two and a very important three that brought up his 1500 runs for the Mystics and next ball Sid was out, Simon Orpen taking his first ever slip catch, which left me to come in and face the last ball of the over.

On the third ball of the over Ernie was finely out and I was paired with Pete, so I, being kind, gave him the strike in the hope he would finish it off. He did. Ferro could only look on in horror as his delivery flew to the cover boundary.

The 100-year celebration started at Dunsford hall with food for all and medals for the players and Joe the 12th man. This was followed by some bizarre knitwear for cpt Thomson snr and jnr. Even Greta got the idea that something important was going on, she would never make that mistake again. The end of the day was a blur to most people, we all got in to a minibus that someone had flagged down, we got driven to our beds where we had confusing dreams about Windy wearing a yellow wig been chased by Greta (but I suppose that would be a nightmare), to wake up in the morning wondering what happened.

Fraser Chave

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