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Tour elders discuss the unremittingly awful weather

The sun shone on Sunday and for the first half of Monday; but that was it. Heartbreakingly, the Sunday game was cancelled because the Fowey ground was unavailable. We started Monday's game at Bude, and watched Sam Hockin score a cavalier 132 before the rains washed our innings away.

We started our next game on the Friday, a shortened match at Lanhydrock. Again an opposition batsman (this time Alex Sparrow) thrashed our bowling around before the rains came. In both Cornish games, Pete Weatherhead was among the wickets.

Back in Devon, we played the Erratics at Dunsford. The match ended in a thrilling last-over tie, after excellent performances by Chris Ferro and James Burrows for the Erratics, and Chirpy and Sid for us. The Broadclyst game lasted just two overs. After that game, Triin was voted supporter of the tour, and Chirpy was a comfortable player of the tour.

Kev wonders where the rest of the tour party is Windy was unavailable to tour, having decided for some reason that we would be going a week later than usual (but he still managed to be first in the queue for tea at Broadclyst). Windy was close compared to Fred who sent a text message to Donna two weeks after the Bude game, saying that he had turned up in Cornwall for the tour and asking where everyone was. And even Fred had the right country ... Kev had only managed to get as close as Namibia (where he had rather different weather from the rest of us).

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