Mystics Twenty Tour Test Answers

The quiz was written before the 2011 tour, and these answers are (probably) correct at lunchtime on 31st July 2011.

1. Scrimpy sputters so is an anagram of Mystic Supporters

Shot, Jim! is an anagram of Jo Smith
Hello and crash is an anagram of Chloe Sharland
Damn! Rash angel is an anagram of Megan Sharland
Rants slashed is an anagram of Tess Sharland
Is hell adrenal? is an anagram of Ellie Sharland
Taken smooth is an anagram of Kate Thomson
Eager squirt is an anagram of Greta Squire
Oh man tension is an anagram of Annie Thomson
Fisherman foe is an anagram of Naomi Sheffer
Bat hooliganism is an anagram of Abigail Thomson
Is that moron is an anagram of Rita Thomson
Son Wanted is an anagram of Donna West
More sillier is an anagram of Rosie Miller
Anal Ham Lad is an anagram of Amanda Hall
One batty hymn is an anagram of Bethany Myton
Poetical oar is an anagram of Talia Cooper
Loyal bakery is an anagram of Kayla Borley
Or a silky dog is an anagram of Olga Sidoryk
I'm a zesty ruin is an anagram of Suzie Martiny
Torn in riot is an anagram of Triin Troon
Dull on craziness is an anagram of Suzanne Driscoll
Clean beaten hint is an anagram of Annie Blanchette
Come! Gleam is an anagram of Gemma Cole
Screwball ideal is an anagram of Alice Bardswell
Stolen prize is an anagram of Liz Peterson
Heavy nerd now is an anagram of Harvey Wendon
A granular hair is an anagram of Laura Harrigan
Fervid rack, now is an anagram of Kevin Crawford
Hero's banal is an anagram of Sarah Noble
Adore bloaters is an anagram of Roberta Loades
Kind jar icon is an anagram of Nicki Jordan
Solid fat farce is an anagram of Tara Scoffield

2. Martin Sharland, Jim Thomson, Kate Thomson (Squire), Peter Thomson and Rita Thomson have been on every Mystics tour.

3. As well as Chloe, Megan and Tess have been on a Mystics tour every year of their lives. I don't think anyone else has.

4. Next in sequence.
(a) Nicki, Annie, Kate, Laura, Jo, Donna, ...
Auntie Jean (supporters of the tour, 1992-8)
(b) Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Dunc, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Ernie, ...
Adi (captains of first 12 Mystics games)
(c) Ireland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, ...
Devon (Mystics tours, 1992-9)
(d) The Arns, Dunsford, Killerton House, ...
Gras Lawn (in ascending order) the grounds where we have played the most games - 8, 10, 11, 14
(e) SW914503, SX143597, SX034710, SX014593, SX197676, ...
SX088643 (Lanhydrock) - Ordnance Survey six-figure grid references of the Cornish Grounds for the 2011 tour.

5. Calculations
Chrises (the calculation was meant to come to 5, and there have been five Chrises)
Saint Andrews University (2000 * 2002 = 4004000 and 4004000 + 1 = 4004001 and the square root of that is 2001)

6. Odd one out
(a) Jim and Donna, Annie and Dunc,
Kate and Chris, Jo and Ernie, Suzie and Neil (Kate and Chris have never played in the same Mystics XI as each other)
(b) 1984, 1985,
1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 (there was no Mystics game in 1986)

7. Links:
(a) We have played
two different opposition teams at Clyst St George, Teign Valley, Meiklewood House and Plymtree
(b) We have played
three different opposition teams at Dunsford and Murthly
(c) In the years indicated (Mystics first), John Bird, James Burrows etc. have
played on both sides in the Chairman's Cup

8. Regular Mystic eleven
Was selected based on
appearance number , starting at 1 and then picking every eighth player - Duncan Maclaren (1), Simon Hughes (9), ... Hayder Al-Mohammad (81)

9. A to Z The first letters on each line stand for opposition teams, the rest for selected players for the team. Here I give just the team names, leaving the players as an exercise for the interested reader.
Almond Valley
Clackmannan County
Mount Juliet
North Cornwall
Royal Bank of Scotland
Saint Neot

10. Picture round
Derek Matravers (bo DEREK, johnny MARR, p.l. TRAVERS)
Suzie Martiny (SUEZ canal, E, house MARTIN, E)
Bethany Myton (BETH ditto, ANNIE oakley, MITE, ...)
Pete Weatherhead (PEAT, WEATHER, anthony HEAD)
Tai-Wai Cheung (bow TIE, river WYE, alexa CHUNG)
Neil Hadley (KNEEL, cannoball ADDERLEY)
Saint Modans (ian SAINT john, MO mowlam, DAN shepherd)
Almond Valley (AL gore, MOON, frankie VALLI)
Gargunnock (lady GAGA, miracle of KNOCK)

11. Mystic Yearbook
Left to right, top to bottom:
Fraser Chave, Suzie Martiny, Triin Troon, Greta Squire, Donna West, Chris Squire,
Olga Sidoryk, Fred Dudbridge, Eliza Squire, Kate Squire, Dere Matravers, Neil Hadley,
Clem Hitchcock, Annie Chave, Windy Miller, Jim Thomson, Matt Cook, Martin Watts

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