What were the Clouds like when you were Young?

Mystics vs Saint Neot Taverners at Saint Neot, 30th July 2015

Somebody very famous once said, "to err is to be human". This cheered me up immensely when I heard it. I made many mistakes. I lost my notes for the game. I "lost" the email from Jim that included the scoresheets. I drank beer. I read a biography of a Russian Formalist poet. I was (really) late with the match report.

During the match there were some really wonderful moments of cricket. I am afraid I don't quite have the language to explain them, but those of you who were there will remember them. It was a truly beautiful day as you will recall. The sky was a deep blue and provided a wonderful backdrop for the cotton wool fluffy clouds that floated languidly by. Meg and the other young bucks were busying themselves making magic spells and potions from the grass (and herbs?) which they had gathered. I guess they were summoning the Gods to look favourably on Mr Fraser Chave. He scored his first ever fifty representing the Mystics, with a staggering array of shots (cover drives, hooks, cuts sweeps, reverse sweeps and forward defensives.). Certainly it was this innings that allowed the Mystics to go on and record a victory, which I seem to remember, is quite unusual on this ground.

Another special mention must also go to Mr Jim Thomson who took four wickets for a measly 24 runs. Jim experimented in this game, particularly in his deceptive use of pace. He varied his line and length on a ball by ball basis and I think this really put the batsmen under pressure. I am sure the question on their lips was, "what on earth will happen next?"

The Saint Neot team were a very effective unit, sharing the runs pretty evenly throughout the team and were certainly very energetic and spirited in the field.

It may be worthwhile mentioning the arrival of two high quality cricketers to offer their valuable guidance and assistance during the match. They arrived separately, but their influence on proceedings was equally profound. Thanks to Chris Cook and Steve Berry for being so generous in the social club bar in town.

Certainly the saddest part of the day was learning that the cake lady was going to retire. I know that I speak for all Mysics when I say that the long English winter months would not be tolerable without looking forward to the wonderful Saint Neot fixture, with the best cake lady ever. We wish you all the best for the future!!

Neil Hadley

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