Scotland Tour 1994

1994 Tour Averages

Lendrick Muir had dry rot, so we found ourselves staying in Seamab House School. It was our second year in Scotland. This time we struggled to get a team together. No Cooks this year (although we were all sporting Chris's dog-turd Buddha on our T-shirts); Derek and Amanda had academic ends to pursue; Bryan was injured; Andy, Neil, Biz and Tai-Wai all found better things to do and Fred decided it would be best to wait another year before risking coming to Scotland with us. Instead Matt's dad Malcolm agreed to unretire himself after 12 years away from the game, and Dan decided the night before we left that he might as well give this Mystics touring thing a go.

The 1994 Tour Party Pictured are (back, L to R) Kevin Barron, Annie Thomson, Duncan Chave, Malcolm Loades, Kate Thomson, Ernie Sharland, Jim Thomson, Donna West, (front L to R) Dan Shepherd, Matthew Loades, Sid Thomson, Naomi Sheffer, Windy Miller, Lucy O'Loughlin, Roberta Loades and Merlin.

A steaming hot weekend in Devon (we drew with the Erratics and beat Contango) gave way to threatening Scottish clouds. Saint Modans called the Tuesday game off after the briefest of showers. Kilrane would not even have called it rain. Anyway, we were not going to play against them again. Instead, our first game of the tour was against Clacky. Their Aussie pro, Malcolm, made 167 and we were set 222 to win. A beautifully paced innings by Chris Healey, some desperate running in mid-innings by Sid and Duncan and a Matt Loades broadside saw us home with five balls to spare.

Our first game at Dunfermline brought us up against former Indian test player, Ashok Malhotra. The home team, with "overseas amateur" Raza to the fore, made 214. Windy and Duncan, along with Dan's fearsome assault on Ashok's off-spin, led us to a respectable ten run defeat. On the Saturday we drove up to Aberfeldy and Ernie woke up. Despite his 38, we lost by three wickets.

The next day we returned to Comrie. Windy and Dunc took wickets and they made 166. After tea, in fairly nasty weather, Ernie and Adi made runs, and we won by six wickets. Sid and Kate took the player and supporter awards.

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