Mystics Twentieth Anniversary Quiz 2004

This quiz was written before the 2004 tour, and the answers are correct at the end of July 2004.

1. Which Mystic has the longest gap in their playing career? How many games between the two long-distant appearances?

2.How many people have played for the Mystics?

3. How many different teams have we played against?

4. What was Trevor the Hippy's real surname?

5. Name every Mystic on the front cover.

6. Which Mystic ... ?
(a) ... is the direct descendant of one of Leon Trotsky's cousins?
(b) ... his/her mother was offered a herd of camel for him/her in Bahrain?
(c) ... got in trouble with the law for hugging Arsenal's Ray Parlour?
(d) ... dismissed a (then current) England cricketer in a competitive match?
(e) ... had Essex's Ken McEwan as a batting coach?
(f) ... has appeared on University Challenge?
(g) ... cried when Chris Healey was told that his golf clubs had been stolen?
(h) ... beat a British downhill champion in a skiing race?

7. What event is being described at what game and in which year?
(a) After 10 overs and 30 forward defensives, Windy has scored two. At the other end, Charlie tries hard to keep the scoreboard going and scores a very good 35 before being caught at long on.
(b) The score had reached 56. It would have saved us a lot of running around if the Erratics had declared then. After all, they already had a winning total.
(c) "Oh, MERCY!" said Freddie, "WHY did he do that? That Matt in the Hat, what a twat, WHAT A TWAT!"
(d) In fact, when his innings is converted to ASCII text, it reads "HELP. OLD MAN TRAPPED IN BODY OF CALLOW YOU2TH".
(e) The boys are back in Scotland. Different bodies. Slippage is detected. Same soul.

8. Who being was fined ... ?
(a) "I can't remember what happened, but I haven't half got a sore throat this morning."
(b) (on being informed that Annie had gone into labour) "Will she be coming on tour?"
(c) "Can I have steak and chips?" "No, it's only the food on the blackboard." "OK, I'll have a pint of Tawny."
(d) Sending "psycopathic messages" to the clouds.
(e) Believing adult men can grow full facial hair in the space of 3 overs.
(f) "I know what it's like. Windy just looks at you, grins and sticks his finger up."
(g) "What's an apple?"
(h) (after surveying some senior members of the team eating breakfast) "If next door is the youth club, then this is the home."
(i) "Are you paying him to give you money?"

9. Some Mystic bridegrooms have kept it within the club by using other Mystics as best men. Name as many of these pairings as you can (I have come up with eight).

10. What is the distance in miles (not bloody kilometres) between our two furthest apart British fixtures?

11. Who faced the first ball for the Mystics on 31st July 1984?

12. Who bowled that ball to him?

13. Whose catchphrase ... ?
(a) ... "We'll have to see. We'll have to see" ?
(b) ... "Schoolboy error" ?
(c) ... "SCOREBOARD!" ?
(d) ... "Cricket is an art form, an unfinished canvas on which anyone can make their mark" ?

14. Missed opportunities. Which Mystics were called for - but did not attend - trials by ... ?
(a) ... Warwickshire C.C.C.?
(b) ... Exeter City F.C.?
(c) ... Nottinghamshire County Council?

15. Professional Mystics. Which Mystics have done these jobs ... ?
(a) ... piano tuner?
(b) ... Chief Inspector at Sun Hill?
(c) ... archaeologist?
(d) ... teacher in a prison?
(e) ... hotel proprietor?
(f) ... porn star?
(g) ... chef and rat killer in a German pizza restaurant?
(h) ... head hunter in the city?
(i) ... working on Blue Peter?

16. Challenges and gambles. What was the outcome?
(a) Clem vs Matt 100m sprint. Loser buys winner a pint.
(b) Kate offered to buy a pint for anyone who umpired in nothing but the umpiring coat.
(c) Chris Healey offered to buy Dan a pint if, while bowling, he appealed for an lbw in Vietnamese.

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