James William Hartnell THOMSON

M.M.C.C. - They have Pro's, we have Poetry

The Club Flag Jim Thomson, who founded the Mystics and Magicians in 1984, is a former maths teacher. He is a slow bowler of the J.M.Barrie school ("I bowl so slowly that, if I am unhappy with the delivery, I am able to go down the pitch and retrieve it before it reaches the batsman."). In 1999, in his 46th game for the Mystics he scored his hundredth run for the club. He was the first Mystic bowler to notch up 2000 runs conceded, and the first to take 100 wickets. And in 2010 he played his 100th game.

Jim takes the field in his hundredth game In the winter, Jim keeps himself warm reading maths books, listening to Elvis Presley and polishing the Chairman's Cup. He is the author of this web site, and is related, either directly or through marriage, to about two-thirds of the Mystics players.

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