A magnificent Bridge to Nowhere and wet Trousers

Mystics versus Erratics at Dunsford, 6th August 2011

It was under a cloudy sky, after a long hard tour, that the Mystics met the Erractics for the longest running fixture of the tour. The Mystics won the toss and the two opening batsmen were Big Chave and Little Chave. This partnership was looking like a winner until Big Chave got out on the second ball!

The Mystic supporters were crushed to see that the partnership was already over, but in went the third batsman, Sid. Was this going to be the amazing partnership that we had been waiting for? Well, for a few overs it was. Runs were ticking over nicely with Sid hitting fours - and then Fraser joined in. Cheers could be heard from miles around as Fraser found the boundary.

The score had reached 29 before Fraser was bowled and the fourth batsman came in. As Derek walked on to the pitch, however, the heavens opened and the rain started to pour as if the sky itself was trying to stop play (or the sky just didn't like Derek). On to the pitch bounded Naomi Thomson saving the day with a cap for Sid. The Mystics battled on through the weather, as they normally do on tour. The partnership of Derek and Sid was quickly broken when Derek got out - but at least he did as well as Duncan, and that's something to brag about.

Soon fours were being hit in every direction as Adi joined in the fun. The fielding was good but the batting was better. However all good things must end - as did this with Adi bowled out. Sid reached his 50 and the Mystic batsmen got wetter and wetter

Chris Squire came in and it looked like for a second as though he was going to do as well as Duncan - but he was lucky and he stayed in instead. Chris also joined in the boundary scoring, but this was abruptly ended by Sid getting out after a magnificent, brilliant and mind-blowing 65 runs (but that is what we would say because he is our dad).

Jimmy Ton strolled to the middle to a chorus of "Happy Birthday". The merriment was short-lived, however as first Chris and then Jimmy Ton were dismissed - with Sam Cook making his first claim to win the prize as traitor of the day, bowling out Jimmy Ton on his birthday.

However, this merely allowed Ernie and Chris Healey to come in. The run rate steadily increased until the end of the innings, with the Mystics scoring a great total of 184 runs. That was what the Erratics had to beat.

The Erratics innings started with Sean bowling an amazing spell of 4 maiden overs for 1 wicket and no runs. Chris Squire was bowling moderately well from the other end, including picking up a wicket, but Sean was putting him to shame. As the Erratics were racking up the runs the Mystics were doing well to pick up the odd wicket.

Much more importantly, the children were calling to each other at the river and were undertaking some massive building works. The fruits of this labour were a magnificent bridge to nowhere and wet trousers. As this was happening, we're sure Sid was doing some good wicket keeping, but things were not looking so good for the Mystics, as Sam Cook ensured that he would win the prize of traitor of the day as he got 87 for the wrong team - easily the best he had played in the whole of the tour.

That was really it for the Mystics. The Erratics won but only after the Mystics got some revenge on Sam when Sean finally got him out.

Joseph and Abbie Thomson

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