A Fistful of Mystic Moments

Mystics versus Dollar at Dollar Academy, 31st July 1993

It is always hard to get the Mystics to leave a pub, especially on a cold, windy day. But after several desserts, the tour party began to assemble at the ground, eager to get started and warm up a bit. It wasn't quite that easy...

The pavilion was locked and nobody had a key. For what seemed like hours, the doors withstood the frantic efforts of a group of desperate men. Heads fell as even Biz's attempt to pick the lock with Deke's pipe failed, though spirits were raised slightly as our tour leader managed to scale the north face of the pavilion and plant the famous orange and yellow flag.

At last the doors gave in and the game managed to start, about as quickly as Jim's motorbike had earlier that day. The few non-players (16 Mystics were playing, an all-time record) huddled together on benches, commenting on how easy their job was going to be: surely nothing could beat the locked pavilion for the Mystic Moment trophy.

They reckoned without Tai Wai.

Bryan, facing the first ball of the Mystic's innings, played defensively to a good length ball. He was still admiring his shot when he suddenly noticed Tai Wai charging towards him from the non-striker's end. He politely refused the offer of a run and Tai Wai had to turn and try to regain his ground. This he failed to do, spectacularly, and his contribution to the innings was over before it had begun. He trudged back to the pavilion, probably wondering why he had bothered to drive all the way to Scotland the day before. Now the Mystic Moment had been decided, and not even Matthew "Shane" Cook could change that.

Sumo came in to join Bryan and things soon calmed down. A sound base was laid before the pair started accelerating, with Sumo hitting Jim's first ball for four. They had moved the score along nicely to 45 before Bryan was caught by Adi off Jim, starting a collapse of 4 wickets for 6 runs.

This brought in Dunc and Ernie and after Dunc had survived a close appeal for LBW (the umpire deciding the ball was going to go between the stumps) and a couple of missed stumping opportunities, they put on a Mystic record partnership of 109, beating their own record of 102 against Contango. Dunc was eventually out, caught by a Mystic as usual, but not before he had become the first Mystic to score 500 runs.

That, apart from a couple of spectacular attempted one-hand catches by Deke and a few lusty blows from Kevin, was about it for the Mystics' innings.

Tea was a few bottles of beer which Sarah, still flushed from finishing her sock, opened with her teeth and which Annie tried to open with Amanda's teeth.

The Dollar innings started as it was to continue: slowly. A large partnership between two Mystics, Adi and Windy, came to an end with a tragic misunderstanding, leaving Windy run out. Then came the spin twins, Matthews Cook and Loades. Cook bowled classic leg spin, buying his wicket with beautifully flighted deliveries and would surely have won the Mystic Momemt trophy on any other day. Loades meanwhile, took a couple of slightly cheaper wickets with his off spin, including the vital wicket of Matravers for a glorious 5. The opening bowler Tai Wai, came back to clean up the tail and make up for his earlier mishap, with the help of Kevin's outrageously good run out with a direct hit from mid-wicket. It was a win for most of the Mystics.

And so, back to the King's Seat for a few more desserts.

Sid Thomson

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