The Chairman's Cup

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Fraser Polishes the Chairman's Cup

First presented by Doctor Matravers in 1996 (to Jim Thomson after a comprehensive Mystics victory), the Chairman's Cup is awarded to the winner of the annual Mystics vs Erratics game. Fraser Chave, pictured here holding the trophy, was born the day the Mystics won the last ever game at Gras Lawn and regained the Chairman's Cup.

The series has a rich history, with the tied match in 2008 a highlight. Adi's brutal 93 in 1995 will linger long in the memory, as will our shameful submission for 53 at Christow in 1999 and Nick Howe's dramatic demolition of his own stumps in 1985. Sid and Duncan's huge partnership in 1996 and Chris Cook's destruction of Matt Loades's bowling are other moments to savour. Maybe some day I'll list them all.

After 38 matches, the Mystics lead the series 11-9 but, after a brief Mystic hiatus, the Erratics hold the trophy. Elsewhere on this site, there are reports on all but the most recent of the matches, as well as both sides' batting and bowling averages and records.

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