Boconnoc is Here Again

Mystics versus Boconnoc at Boconnoc House, 30th July 2013

Boconnoc is here again,
A game for Dad and first for Joe,
Let's just hope it doesn't rain (for once) and our game can go on.
Never have I wanted a game to be played so much
And never will I watch a game of cricket so much.

Boconnoc is here again,
With Mystics batting first,
I just hope that we're not the worst!
Ernie and Adie start the Mystics going,
Slowly our runs are growing and growing.

Boconnoc is here again,
Adie's quickly out,
But never mind because Pete is in,
Could he be the person that we need to win?

Boconnoc is here again,
And Ernie is soon gone.
Even with Pete smashing sixes, we still haven't won!
In comes Charlie, here to play
And Pete's still hitting balls an incredibly long way!

Boconnoc is here again,
And Charlie is doing well,
Who would have guessed he would?
Fraser comes in to umpire his first game,
He gives Charlie out, we're another wicket down.

Boconnoc is here again,
And Tomity Pie arrives,
Meanwhile Pete still thrives.
Tom soon scores his first run,
But a ten year old ends his fun.

Boconnoc is here again,
Tom is caught and his time is done,
But Pete scores his 100th run!
Overall the Mystics are 184 for 4,
We are in with good chance for a win or a draw.

Boconnoc is here again,
The Mystics are now bowling,
Freddie opens with Chris the other end,
We need to prove that we can win this game!

Boconnoc is here again,
And Tom takes a catch,
Freddie is injured by his comedy run,
The collision means that he can't go on.

Boconnoc is here again,
Kevin, from the opposition, thinks he hits a four,
He doesn't run and soon gets out.
The game is over, are we triumphant?
Before we hear the score,
Let's go see some deer
And why not have a beer?

Boconnoc is here again,
Healey was captain and led us to victory
So the Mystics win their first tour game,
Joseph took a wicket,
What an end to an excellent game of cricket!!!!!

Abigail Thomson

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