How We Ended Up As The Mystics And Magicians

Dame Alexandra David-Neel By 1987 it seemed time to give the team a name (Erratics scorebooks up to then list us as simply Jim Thomson's XI). At the time, I had just finished a book called "With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet" by Dame Alexandra David-Neel. It is a strange and wonderful book, and I recommend it to you all.

The name seemed strangely appropriate, and we became the Mystics and Magicians. Yellow and orange became the club's colours; although it is a bit of a conceptual leap from the traditional robes of a Tibetan monk to Mystic caps, flags and T-shirts.

We still needed a club emblem, and I started to look into the arcane world of heraldry. I read about the characteristics of the creatures used as armorial devices, and the salamander was the natural choice. Not only is it a largely yellow animal, and usually surrounded by orange flames on heraldic shields, but also it is used to symbolise the triumph of the spiritual over the physical. What could be more appropriate?

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