Tuning BF#BEBD# no capo (like CGCFCE but lower)
This is an update of the original tab - i think it's correct now!

(note - the top string is generally very quiet)
(t is where i'd use the thumb to pick, h=hammer obviously)
  h     * h   h                     h       h   h    h
 t t   t t t t t  t t   t   t   t  t t   t t t t t  t t t t   t   t
|---0-------0----|---0------------| and rpt bars 3,4 
(the ? could be a mishit - sounds like it might be caused by the finger
fretting the string below accidentally resting against the top string? but
then when this figure appears later in the song, he produces the very same
bonus high note again with extra harmonics... if it's deliberate, i certainly
can't reproduce it accurately.)

(* - at this point in the riff there is often an open E, or occasionally open top
three strings, brushed incredibly quietly. if you can do this without it dominating,
it improves the feel of the track. personally i can't so i leave it out...)

Play bars 1 & 2 three times then bars 7 & 8 (omit the open top string in bar 8).
"I don't know, which will you love...."

Tabbed by Chris Healey