This is a guitar chord version that mainly tries to be accurate to Nick's original piano demo.
That demo had no solo section, so i've included an approximate chord version of that too.

It's  all rather closer than the previous version up here...

Intro and 1st bit of verse

|0xx987              |0xx975              |0xx875               |0xx453              |
|0xx987              |0xx975      0xx875  |x3x553      x0x553   |0xx475      0xx454  |

(*** this bar is slightly reharmonised in the string version; you could play:
                     |0xx575      0xx242  |                            )                     


"Tell me       all..."

|0xx455      0xx454  |0xx455      0xx454  |x2445x               |x2444x              |  (twice)

"Won't you come and say..."

                       (*** here too)
|0xx987              |0xx975      0xx875  |x3x553      x0x553   |x2445x      x2444x  |
|0xx455      0xx454  |

"Look through"

|0xx45(5/4)  0xx45x  |x244(5/4)x  x244xx  |x022(3/2)x  x022xx   |0x220x      0x210x  |


|0xx453              |0xx212      0x454x  |0x757(7)    0x4545   |0xx453              |
|0x9987              |0x4655              |0x4555               |0xx453              |
|0x9987              |0x2212      x2444x  |x3x553      x0x553   |0x225x      0x425x  |

Most of this song is better expressed like this than by conventional chord names; but
if you prefer, approx chords for the solo would be:

|Em                  |F#dim/E             |                     |Em                  |
|Em                  |A6/E                |Am6/E                |Em                  |
|Em                  |Am6/E       B       |C           Am7      |Esus4       Esus2   |

Tabbed by Chris Healey