Tuning GGDGBx (parts of this are easier to play with the B string down a semitone, but I'm suggesting this as Nick's tuning because you can clearly hear an open B ring out at the end when he takes his fingers off!). Might as well tune the top string to D for some sympathetic resonance I guess.

Incidentally, the instrumental version of this song which appears on one of the "home recording" bootlegs is IDENTICAL to the guitar on the "rediscovered" track (ie the same take, not just the same notes). Interesting... did the guitar track of the 1974 studio recording somehow end up on a home tape, or was the 1974 recording merely a vocal overdub on a home guitar recording? Maybe John Wood knows..

Main riff: (only the bottom five strings are shown)
|--X--X--X--X--T-| (the second and fourth (outro) times, 
|--T--T--T--T--X-|  the 4th chord is 00XTE, not 00TXE)

(where X=10th fret, E=11th, T=12th)



"If you call"     



1. The B string is very quiet - perhaps try to play it quietly if yours is loud. You could certainly miss out the 8's in
the "If You Call" bit if they sound too strong.

2. Obviously, it doesn't matter which way round you hit the open G's in the bass!

3. The first 7 on the high G string is an X (tenth fret) the first time round - sounds like a possible mistake to me, like
he just got the wrong string with his little finger.

4. The verse fingering is a little tricky: for the TXE try little, index, ring - index finger descends. Though to get the
twelfth fret at the end either the little finger has to do both D and G strings or you have to reposition fingers. A cheeky
dodge is to allow the finger on the D string to touch a 12th fret harmonic on the open high G to get TTE; but the
repositioning squeaks and the damping of the TTE chord in the original suggest to me that this wasn't what Nick was doing.

5. You can of course make the same notes for verse & riff by playing on the top 3 strings lower down the neck - this version
sounds closer to me but you might want to try both.

6. When you move from the end of the "If You Call" bit up to the riff, take care not to let the B string sound. I find this
easiest by using my ring finger for the 5 on the B string, and keeping it fretted when the little finger adds the 6, then
sliding it up the neck (so keeping the B string quiet) so the ring can do the 11th fret in the riff. Just my preference.

Tabbed by Chris Healey