Tuning: Standard Capo 3rd fret

This is an updated version from that first posted here. I must
acknowledge the use of the Music Sales Nick Drake songbook, whose
version whilst similar to my first one was pitched further up the
neck and made several improvements; this one features several
improvements on the book version, particularly in the use of a 
capo (which makes it not so impossible to play), but also some
of the chords themselves.
I'll make no attempt to represent the strumming / picking pattern,
but it's pretty obvious from the track.


57555x  x57555


57555x 47444x  four times
37333x x37333  four times
57555x 47444x  

"Nobody knows..."

x0565x x0454x x0343(3) x02420   twice

"Oh poor boy.."

x02220 x00020 2x023x (x4; you can do the riff as 023 on B string)
(there's a major seventh in the third chord - can't decide whether
2x022x is better for solo guitar. see what you think)

"he may say every day"

020200 020100 x2

Tabbed by Chris Healey