Tuning CGCFCE capo 2nd fret (slightly sharp of concert)

This song involves a lot of strumming, so here are the 
tab positions used, with a rough guide to their timing.
A strong thumbnail helps emphasise the riff on upstrokes.
     "RIFF"               "CHORD"
           * * *
|-----0----------|     |-----0----|
|-----0----0-----|     |-----0-0--|
|--02-2----0-0-0-|     |--02-2-2--|
|--0--0----2-0-0-|     |--0--0-0--|
|--0--0----0-2-0-|     |--0--0-0--|
|--0--0----2-0-2-|     |--0--0-0--|
           r m m

* This is what I hear on the bottom string, but if it is not
quiet enough you'll lose the main descending riff. These three
chords are all thumbnail upstrokes, so try not to
catch too much bottom string. If it sounds wrong try not
fretting the bottom string, and just avoid strumming it (or
damp it with left hand)

  VERSE (keep top string quietest)
"Pink Pink Pink Pink, Pink Moon"
   PIANO BIT (guitar part of)

If you want to add the piano part, you can try

(V=12,E=11. Let (5) ring but don't re-strike)

(personally I like the second half like this
but not the first half...)

Tabbed by Chris Healey