Tuning: Standard Capo 3rd fret

Pattern A (main bit for verses and intro:)
Pattern B ("she will tell you..")
|---1----|-----1--|------0-|---0----|  (last bar occurs 
|--3-3---|---0--0-|---0----|0---0---|  with a variety 
|-2---2-2|--2-2--0|--0-0---|--0--0--|  of pickings: 
|0--0--0-|-0------|-2---2-2|-2----2-|  this is just 
|--------|--------|---3--3-|---3---3|  my favourite) 
Pattern C ("she wouldn't be there...")
  --------|---0----|------0-|---0----|  (likewise 
  ---3----|----0---|---3----|1-----1-|  these last 
  --2-2---|--7--7--|--0-0---|--0--0--|  two bars) 
The structure is straightforward: from here we go back
to Pattern A (starting from the second bar). The only other 
complication is at "thought you'd found her" when the first
2 bars of B are followed by the first 2 of C, then A to the end.
Tabbed by Chris Healey