INTRODUCTION (from Bryter Layter)

My original tab for this was as follows:

Tuning CGCFCE capo 2nd fret

 t timrimrimrmit

the first bar of the song is played differently - whether
deliberately or by mistake we'll never know, though given that
every other bar in the song has the same picking pattern, i'm
leaning towards mistake - but if you want to follow nick's performance :


(thanks Leah Brodie for pointing that out)

Don Lowe and Sebastian Bird were kind enough to write and point out that
the guitar part changes when the strings come in. I'm grateful to both
for parts of what follows:


the two 4-bar sequences just alternate through the song - there are some other minor variations but
they seem to me to be either mistakes or just odd flourishes, so i've not tabbed them. (the 0--2--2-2
in the last bar is not a typo by the way)

They also point out that this song can be played in DADGBE (no capo). This adds 2 to the top
string fret numbers in the tab and 3 to the second string - you get the same notes, just with fewer
open strings. Try it and see what you think. But those top two strings sound a bit open to me,
and I don't hear any example of the open top strings inadvertently sounding a lower note (ie B/E)
under chord changes. Personally I'd go with the simpler fretting, and Nick's favourite CGCFCE tuning.

Tabbed by Chris Healey / Don Lowe / Sebastian Bird