Hello, welcome to This is a very simple site set up purely to hold all the Nick Drake tabs I've worked out over the years, and keep them up to date with additions or corrections that I might discover or which people might send me. (You can contact me at chrishealey[aatt], replacing [aatt] with @. Please write NICK DRAKE in the subject line or I may miss your mail amongst the waves of spam.) The tabs are of course provided for free - I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do.

Chris Healey

Aug 07 - Tabs added for the "Far Leys" instrumental (appears on Family Tree as Sketch 1) and original guitar version of Made To Love Magic.
Sep 08 - Tabs added for "Bird Flew By" and "Leaving Me Behind".
Jan 11 - "Hanging On A Star" now includes the Made To Love Magic version
Mar 11 - "Way To Blue" now improved, working mainly from the piano version on Family Tree
Sep 12 - "Rain" and "Blossom" added / Nov 13 - Major update to "Hazey Jane I"
Mar 14 - Updates to "Black Eyed Dog" / Mar 15 - minor updates to "Which Will"
Jan 16 - Put the correct solo section in "Things Behind The Sun" / Mar 16 - "Cello Song" made less rubbish
Feb 18 - Added the fingerpicked demo version to the "Place To Be" tab
Feb 19 - Improved version of "One Of These Things First" / Jun 19 tweaked "Pink Moon"

The Tabs:

(a * by the link to a tab denotes that it is now updated from the old version on the Nick Drake Files site):

Five Leaves Left Bryter Layter Pink Moon Other
Time Has Told Me* Introduction* Pink Moon* Time Of No Reply*
River Man* Hazey Jane II Place To Be* I Was Made To Love Magic
Three Hours At The Chime Of A City Clock* Road* Joey
Way To Blue* One Of These Things First* Which Will* Clothes Of Sand
Day Is Done Hazey Jane I* Horn Mayfair
Cello Song* Bryter Layter Things Behind The Sun* Been Smoking Too Long
Thoughts Of Mary Jane Fly* Know Strange Meeting II
Man In A Shed Poor Boy Parasite* Rider On The Wheel*
Fruit Tree* Northern Sky* Free Ride Black Eyed Dog*
Saturday Sun Sunday* Harvest Breed* Hanging On A Star*
    From The Morning* Voice From The Mountain
      Tow The Line*
      Magic - guitar version*
      Far Leys / Sketch 1*
      Bird Flew By*
      Leaving Me Behind*

Overall Guide To Tunings

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